Saturday, August 20, 2011


All giveaway idea. I will give the idea below, and then let me know in the poll on the side if you are interested in it.

Creative Chance to Win
What you have to do, is get the most points from creativity by the end of the giveaway. You can send in as many stuff as you want (for example, two pictures, one movie...or even five movies and five pictures), but the best in each category wins five points! The big categories are in bold blue and the subcategories in green (what you make has to fit in one [or more] of the subcategories). Besides winning a prize for the best thing, the best things in each category will get to be on this blog, inlcuding your name (I may even post things in second or third place)!

Favourite Movie Prize - for the movie I like the best, you will win a movie I have made
 - trailer
 - music video
 - other creative movie

Favourite Picture Prize - for the pictures I like best, you will win a calendar or poster (your choice)
 - pencil drawing
 - painting (watercolour, etc.)
 - colouring in a coloured picture (I will provide the colouring picture for you to choose if you decide to go in this category)
 - NO computer drawings allowed!!!

Favourite Story Prize - for the stories I like best, you will win a whole bunch of LOTR soundtracks for your computer (tell me if you want original or complete)
 - short LOTR story (has to be at least one page and at most five pages in Word)
 - writing that could be a first chapter to a LOTR fan fiction novel
 - some humourous fan fiction

Others - for the others I like best, you will win three bookmarks
 - a LOTR comic (can be drawn or made on the computer)
 - a LOTR music mix
 - you singing some song from LOTR (books or movies - you can have sound mixed to make it sound real or not, your preference)

1. Movies have to be sent via YouTube, GodTube, YouSendIt, or some other thing.
2. Pictures or comics need to be scanned in and sent to me (you may put the scanned image in a Word doc, if you like).
3. Stories must be in Word.
4. Music needs to be in an mp3 format when sent to me.

So vote away!

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