Monday, August 29, 2011

Creative Giveaway

The creative giveaway starts! I know that some of you need a lot of time, so I am giving everyone until the last day of October to "cash in" their points. Remember, the more things you send in, the better the chance that you could get the points in the category/ies you send things in for!

I am giving the details in a link below, but I am still going to show you all the different categories again and the new rules.


Favourite Movie Prize - for the movie I like the best, you will win a movie I have made
- trailer
- music video
- other creative movie

Favourite Picture Prize - for the pictures I like best, you will win a calendar or poster (your choice)
- pencil drawing
- painting (watercolour, etc.)
 - colouring in a coloured picture (you have to colour in this picture. Click on "this picture", and at the website, find this picture that I have on the sidebar, save it to your computer, print it out, colour it in, and then scan it in and send it to me)
- NO computer drawings allowed!!!

Favourite Story Prize - for the stories I like best, you will win a whole bunch of LOTR soundtracks for your computer (tell me if you want original or complete)
- short LOTR story (has to be at least one page and at most five pages in Word)
- writing that could be a first chapter to a LOTR fan fiction novel
- some humourous fan fiction

Others - for the others I like best, you will win three bookmarks
- a LOTR comic (can be drawn or made on the computer)
- a LOTR music mix
- you singing some song from LOTR (books or movies - you can have sound mixed to make it sound real or not, your preference)

1. Movies have to be sent via YouTube, GodTube, YouSendIt, or some other thing.
2. Pictures or comics need to be scanned in and sent to me (you may put the scanned image in a Word doc, if you like).
3. Stories must be in Word.
 4. Music needs to be in an mp3 format when sent to me.
5. Deadline is the last day of October.

May the best Ringers win!


Una Mariah said...

What about a reenactment of a scene form FotR? I don't know if we'll be able to do it, as I only have 6 actors, and one of them is 2!

Alyianna said...

Sure! That sounds awesome! :D