Sunday, August 7, 2011


The LOTR Giveaway has ended!

1st place: Voronda Elda-Ararel (4 pts, fav. character Legolas) wins a LOTR movie I have made, a LOTR bookmark, a LOTR calender
2nd place: Sophia (2 pts, fav. character Pippin) win a LOTR movie I have made, a LOTR poster
2nd place for tying with Sophia: Carrots (2 pts) wins a LOTR movie I have made, a LOTR bookmark or poster
3rd place: Una Mariah (1 pt, fav. character Sam) wins a LOTR movie I have made

Making prizes:
Carrots needs to tell me what characters she wants!

So I'm going to start getting the prizes ready for you all...but for that, I need Sophia, Carrot, and Unah Mariah's emails. I will not share them with anyone. Carrots, I know I have yours, but it didn't work when I tried using it for some you have some secondary email address I could use? 

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alaw said...

To Sophia: Okay, I'll start working on your prize soon!

About the interview: Cool! So will you ask me to answer some questions or something like that?