Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3rd News

The extent to which the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons was inspired by Tolkien has been debated, but it’s clear that D&D’s co-founders Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson had read the trilogy. And it’s more than clear that the ongoing success and appeal of Lord of the Rings fueled interest in D&D, as well as vice versa.

This past week (July 27) would have been Gygax’s 73rd birthday. Folks have been working to immortalize his legacy and the impact of D&D by building a memorial statue in Gygax’s hometown of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The next step is to raise money...more.

Lisa sends in this report on her evening at the Hobbit House in Manila: I first heard about the Hobbit House when TORN did an article on it last year. I knew at that point that I would be in Manila the following year, so I made a mental note to visit it while I was here. I have now been in Manila for 4 weeks and my Mum and I managed to pay the promised visit this evening.

We arrived outside the restaurant bar, and immediately were greeted by all things Tolkien. Cardboard cut outs of Andy Serkis’ Gollum and Ian McKellen’s Gandalf along with a cartoon Bilbo, stood guard over a decidedly Hobbitish round door. On the right, a large poster of the Fellowship dominated the Shire looking wall...more.

Lucky person!

Veteran actor Stephen Fry has arrived in Wellington to begin filming his part in The Hobbit.

Fry, a prolific tweeter, touched down in the capital a few hours ago, telling his Twitter followers it was “brightish but not freezing”.

After announcing he was going for “a little explore”, he posted a photo of Max Patte’s Solace in the Wind sculpture on the waterfront, prompting Wellington fans to head to the water. [Read More

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WBIE Releases LOTR: War in the North Launch Date & New Box Art (I really wish I could play this game!) 

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