Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Winner of This Month's Test-Your-Knowledge Tuesday!

And now...the moment of truth. Who is the winner of this month's Test-Your-Knowledge Tuesday? The lucky new author of this blog is...Carrots!!!

Congratulation, Carrots! You have shown your expert knowledge of The Lord of the Rings in these tests. Please respond to this post with your email address (I will not share this with anyone or post your comment), so I can add you as author! WARNING: If you do not give me your email address within a week, the prize will pass to someone else.

What can you do now that you are author? I give you permission to post anything LOTR related - that includes polls, music in the Music tab, etc.

And to everyone else - good job! I was amazed at the answers to this week's Test-Your-Knowledge Tuesday. Everyone's answers were right! Just a note, the elf, who gave her love to a mortal besides Arwen - her name is Luthien Tinuviel. But either of these names (or both) works.

What should the prize for next week's TYKT be? Tell me what you think in the poll on the sidebar and/or comment to this post.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners!