Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weird LOTR dream

This dream was maybe from a year ago? Funny!

I was Frodo (I know, obsession lol) and (I can't remember if we were going to destroy the Ring or not) Sam and I were walking along this trail (like the ones in Banff) and then we came across this store that sold slushies and things like that. Some of my friends from my online school were there, and Sam, my school friends, and I had some slushies. Then suddenly this guy from my school that I didn't really like (I'll call him Austin Wills...I don't know why, I just will), and Sam screamed, "Austin Wills! Run away!", so we did. HAHA

So...what do you think of my weird dream? Have you ever had a LOTR (weird or no) dream?

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