Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Videos of the (well, last few) Day+s

I've been terrible keeping up with the Video of the Day, so I have a few videos again today. Enjoy!

This one isn't for watching, it's for listening. I like every single music piece here, but my absolute favourite is the one where the ents are marching to Isengard (starts at 3:33).

This video is beautiful. I hate when people comment on and/or make videos saying "Frodo and Sam are soooooo gay!" I think people, who make comments like that are so immature. They don't understand the meaning of true love. My favourite comment on a Frodo/Sam video is, "Frodo and Sam are not homosexuals. Even if they were, it would be wrong." Agree with me?

And since I have gotten onto this subject, I might as well post this movie, too.  

I was first introduced to this movie by my good friend Namariel. Thank you so much for sending me this movie!

And I will stop here for today, so I don't run out of LOTR movies. :)

What do you think? Which of these movies is your favourite? Do you have any good movies to share on this blog? 

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