Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Videos of the Days

I am SOOOO sorry (again)! I will try harder to get these out on a more daily basis...and enjoy! I noticed that sometimes the titles of the videos don't show up on Blogger, so I added them here so you know what you're watching.

Gimli Funny Moments in The Return of the King 
 This is funny though the person, who made this video cut off the scenes too early and too soon...but I love how Gimli says "There's plenty for the both of us! May the best dwarf win!" A little presumptuous, aren't we? :D

Happy Birthday, Bilbo 
 This is pretty funny. :)

Aragorn/Arwen My Heart Will Go On 

Love Story Aragorn/Arwen
 This is pretty good, but I plan to make a better one someday. I just need the resources. Like the scene where Arwen tells Aragorn: "You will face evil, and you will defeat it." Don't have that.

If anybody has The Lord of the Rings (good quality) on their computer, I would be so grateful. I have never been able to make a Lord of the Rings movie with good quality. 


James and Jacob said...

Happy Birthday Bilbo and Gimli funny moments were very funny thanks for posting them. Have ever seen taking the hobbits to isengard if here is the link.

Anonymous said...

Cool videos ;) Sorry but I don't have LOTR on my computer.

alaw said...

To James and Jacob: Yes, I have seen that video. Very funny! :D

To Sophia: That's okay. :) Maybe I'll find someone someday who can give me LOTR on the computer, good quality. I have to take my videos from YouTube, and, boy, does the quality suck!