Friday, July 29, 2011

Videos of the Day - My Favourite LOTR Scenes Part 1

You know what I hate? When Blogger won't show some awesome movies from YouTube...and I have to give them in links. :( I'm so sorry they only come in links, but I hope you will all still enjoy them.

Some of my favourite LOTR scenes - tomorrow I will do more. Now that I think of it, basically everything is my favourite scene. :P But only some scenes are on YouTube, so that's better...I guess.

Just when I was watching the last movie, I got a tingle up my spine when Elrond was leading Isildur to Mount Doom. For me, The Silmarillion (spelling?), The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings is not fantasy. This Earth is Middle Earth, with its old name forgotten. The elves have all gone to the Blessed Realm, the dwarves and hobbit have either died or got mixed with men until there were no dwarves and hobbits left, or they are still in hiding - somewhere. Men are the only ones left.

Have any of you felt this way before?


Voronda Elda-Aranel said...

I do many times. One day I going to looking for any remain of them.:) I will find them. Maybe that is why it is called Middle Earth.

Una Mariah said...


alaw said...

Yes! Tell me if you do!

Hmmm...maybe there possibly could be elves still left on earth, ones, who disobeyed Elrond's command to leave and got some priviledges taken in the story I'm writing! :D