Thursday, July 28, 2011


Just a friendly reminder that this blog's first official giveaway will end July 31st. So far, the people, who have entered this giveaway are: HShankland, Sophia, and Carrots. To enter this giveaway, or view more details about this giveaway (including prizes), click here.

Whoever wins the most points wins 1st prize, next wins 2nd prize, etc. So far Sophia has 2 points. Remember to win more points to get better prizes! You can win points by:

1+ point for every time you blog about my giveaway - but you have to post a comment giving me a link showing me proof
1+ point for every time you ask for followers for THIS blog - again, you have to show proof
2+ points every time you get me a follower for THIS blog - the new follower HAS to post a comment to THIS post telling me it was you that got me a new follower, otherwise it won't count
5+ for writing a LOTR short story (minimum - 2 pages, maximum - 6 pages) - post it on your blog and then provide me with a link - YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS ONCE FOR THIS BLOG
 5+ for making a LOTR movie (music video, trailer, whatever you want) - provide me with the link (you can use YouTube or YouSendIt), you can only do this once.

The giveaway ends THIS SUNDAY. If you need a few more days to make a movie or write a short story, let me know at ONCE.

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