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Middle Earth Lego

Hi guys, I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did because it's really cool. :)

Journey of the Fellowship 2011

About this creation

Welcome everyone to the MOCpages collaborative build that was displayed at BrickWorld 2011 in Wheeling Illinois. While mine is not the only post focusing on the collaborative what I'm going to try to do is give a little background and insite into what brought each build to the table... so to speak.

The concept was born at BrickWorld 2010. Kelso and I were talking and we thought "hey, wouldn't it be fun to do a collaborative?" Sure it would. So after a little thought (and some other concepts that will remain nameless as they may be future projects) I said to him "Hey, I got it... let's do Lord of the Rings." He says to me "You mean like... a few of us build Minas Tirith or Barad Dur?" "No, no, no..." I replied "Let's do Middle Earth... ALL of it."

Of course the reaction was "You're nuts" (or something to that effect... explitives deleted) but after a little probing and prodding the plan was put into action! What you see here is the realization of a year's worth of planning, building and more than a little blood, sweat and tears. Little did we know that our final product would span about 200 square feet! Maybe I was nuts...

Let's get started shall we?

First off, we have Hobbiton created by Tyler Halliwell. Hobbiton was originally assigned to another builder here on MOCpages. That builder even sent us pictures of his work in progress on the build but when it came time for Brickworld... he was a "no call, no show." No emails, no comments in the group... nothing. So, young master Halliwell here went with his father to the Lego store on Thursday (I think, the days all blend together) and raided the pick a brick. 

Upon his return he and his dad cranked out hobbiton here and the chase scene with the Ringwraiths! Way to step up Tyler! As others have said in other places, the kid has earned his way! Thanks Tyler! 

Next on the list is the town of Bree and the Inn at the Prancing Pony by Leda Kat. There was a lot of uncertainty about whether or not Leda was going to even make it this year. But all the cards fell into their right places and here's the end result. And what an AWESOME result it is! This little baby took home the trophy for best small building! Congrats Leda! You deserve it girl!

Ahhh, Rivendell. In our original line up of builds, Mister Kaleta was supposed to collaborate with Kelso on Minas Tirith. After a few conversations he decided that he'd rather try his hand at Rivendell and let me tell you, that decision couldn't have been better! While it didn't win, it WAS nominated for best large building (which is a big deal on it's own. Remember, this is a HUGE convention). Dave did take home another trophy for his disected frog moc so he didn't go empty handed. He's the only one in the group that's won awards two years in a row! Congrats there Dave!

Dr. Jones and the Mines of Moria... where to begin? Just look at the SIZE of this build! No, Lee's not trying to overcompensate for anything is he? Noooo, of course not. Seriously though, when Lee started talking dimensions of this thing we all thought he was nuts... well he IS of course but that doesn't mean he didn't turn out some beautiful work!

Isengard with the Tower of Orthanc. One of my little contributions to our collaborative. This puppy stands about 4ft 8 inches tall and used over 5,000 bricks. I couldn't tell ya the exact number because I stopped "counting" after a while. I actually had this tower (not the surrounding land) built by last October. I wanted to get it done early so that if needed I could assist in some of the other locations for the layout. A good choice on my part as you'll see in a little further down...

The Golden Hall of Edoras by Dennis Price. If I had a nickle for everytime Dennis said he wasn't going to be able to be there or he was just going to scrap the whole thing.... well, I'd have about 35 cents, but that's not the point. The point is that Dennis overcame a few speedbumps in his path and was able to bring this beautiful moc to join in the collaborative. Now stop your whinning Dennis!

Here are a couple of the beacon towers that were also built by Tyler Halliwell. Did I mention this dude poured his heart and soul into this project?

Okay, now I'm tired of saving pictures and putting them on blogger, so read the rest of the article here:

Please let me know what you all think! 


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