Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28th News

Celebrity Geeks or Posers
At Comic-Con 2011, MTV interviewed a few celebrities to test their Geek knowledge. As you will see in this video, most fail miserably, especially when it comes to the first question. Thank God for Twilight’s Taylor Lautner knew confidently answered the name of the character Elijah Wood portrayed in The Lord of the Rings! I think we can say we are particularly disappointed in Patrick Stewart, and pretty sure that Jon Favreau is a true geek! See video.

Luke Evans Auditioned Online
Luke Evans has been cast in “The Hobbit” as Bard the Bowman, but don’t ask him anything about his experience working with director Peter Jackson — because, believe it or not, he has never actually met the man. In fact, he did his whole “Hobbit” audition online.

“I auditioned for it like a year ago. It’s amazing. Things happen like that sometimes on movies. Projects happen or they get stopped. As you know, ‘The Hobbit’s’ had a lot of hurdles to jump before it started production,” Evans explained. “So yeah, I auditioned for it a year ago and never heard a single thing back.” More... 

Quickbeam interviewed...who
TORn live at...where?

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