Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26th News

Cate Blanchett auctions herself for charity
Did I hear that correctly? Auctions herself?!? Here.

Richard Armitage: I don’t have a nice face
 Richard Armitage says his face doesn’t “lend itself” to playing happy and nice characters. The British actor stars as villain Heinz Kruger in Marvel Comics superhero adaptation Captain America: The First Avenger, alongside Chris Evans. Richard says his face is perfect to portray film baddies. “I suppose I’m a bit mean. My face on camera doesn’t lend itself to happy nice guys. I think it’s just that my bone structure looks menacing. I don’t smile that often,” he revealed in an interview with British newspaper The Telegraph. More...

What do you think? I don't agree with Richard!

Saoirse Ronan Disappointed To Miss Hobbit
Saoirse Ronan is “really disappointed” she couldn’t appear in ‘The Hobbit’. The 17-year-old actress initially jumped at the chance to work with director Peter Jackson – after previously starring in his adaptation of Alice Sebold’s novel ‘The Lovely Bones’ – but eventually decided she has to concentrate on her Hollywood career rather than moving to New Zealand to be in the film. She said: “I’m really disappointed that I couldn’t do it. I really am. Any excuse for me to go back to New Zealand, and work with those people I’d take. “But there are other projects as well that I’ve had to consider – and to do that for over a year, it wouldn’t have left me time to do anything else.” More... 

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