Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Here are the questions for this week. I will give the answers to these questions either Wednesday or Thursday, so hurry up and put your answers in!

1. Besides Merry and Pippin, Frodo had another hobbit friend, one who liked to eat. What was his name?
2. Smeagol murdered one of his friends in order to possess the Ring. What was this friend's name?
3. John Rhys-Davies was planning to play a character other than Gimli in LOTR. Which character was he planning to play?
4. Which character did Peter Jackson (and Ralph Bakshi, for that matter) omit from LOTR, who has the title of Oldest?
5. Emiliana Torrini sang Gollum's Song, but someone else was originally going to sing this song. Who was this person?

I hope these questions aren't too difficult. Just let me know if you need easier (or harder) questions!


Anonymous said...

-Wsn't one called Fatty something? He wasn't in the movie
-Arrrgh! I can't remember the friend's name. It's on the tip of my tounge XD
-Ummm.I don't know because JRH is the perfect Gimli!
-*Feels stupid* I don't know. I'm not super knowledgeable.

alaw said...

haha so you think I should have easier questions? :D

Carrots said...

1. Fatty Bolger (spelling?)
2. Deagol
3. Not so good on backstage stuff...I dunno. Gandalf?
4. Tom Bombadil was cut, and I'm pretty darn sure that was one of his titles.
5. Annie Lennox? Or did she sing one of the other songs. Either way, it's perfect the way it is!
Personally, I think this is a great idea. Maybe more book/movie questions and fewer or easier behind the scenes. :)

James and Jacob said...

1: Samwise Gamgee.
3: Sam( I have no idea)
I have no idea other than that.

alaw said...

Aack! I forgot to put Sam in. Here's a clue I forgot to put in: The answer to 1 is NOT Sam.