Sunday, July 10, 2011

How I Came to Love The Lord of the Rings

No LOTR News today. But I have something else...

After reading Sophia's How I Came to Love The Lord of the Rings, I decided I would do a similar post. (Please check out Sophia's awesome blog, Life and Times of a Geek!)

It seems that with all my favourite books, I thought they didn't look interesting, left them on the shelf, decided to read them a long time after getting them, and loved them. That was what happened to me with The Hobbit. My best friend (at that time) Sarah told me that she had read LOTR and loved the books, so I wanted to try them, too (I was around 9 or 10, I think). My dad told me I had to read The Hobbit first and gave it to me. The cover looked very uninteresting: a dragon lying on a mountain of gold. So I left it on my shelf, and then read it several months after. I loved it and went on to LOTR - which I loved even more. My dad was amazed at how I was able to understand The Hobbit when I was only 9 (or 10). :P

My favourite character in The Lord of the Rings (as you have probably all guessed from my user picture) is FRODO BAGGINS. I always find it hard to describe why I like a certain character, but I'll try my best. I probably like Frodo the best because I admire his bravery. Even when things are hard, he keeps going on with his quest. After Frodo, I probably like Sam best. I also like Arwen (in the movies, since she hardly appears at all in the books) and Eowyn.

Who is your favourite character in The Lord of the Rings? I'd love to hear from some of you! Come on, is it that hard to click on "Post a Comment" and type a sentence or two?


Milisande said...


TO tired to explain why i love him so much!!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Reason: I dunno. I just do.


James and Jacob said...

My favorites are Gandalf and Sam.