Friday, June 10, 2011

Video of the Day

Just to let you know, before you watch this movie, Gollum has a foul mouth...but I don't think the movie is too bad, and it's really funny. The video actually starts at 1:09.

If any of you think that this movie should be taken off, just let me know. I just didn't think it was really that bad at all.


Miss Gwenea said...


Hi, I have a small favour to ask! Tomorrow is my friend Milisande's birthday. I noticed you were following her, and so I was wondering if you would mind sending her a comment tomorrow, wishing her a happy birthday! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I know that video :p It's crazy..
I'm Sophia, a Star Wars and LOTR geek extrodonaire ( that how you spell it?) I'm more of a Pippin fangirl than a Frodo though. I also looove Aragorn :) If you would stop by my blog sometime ( my thanks would be immense. If you followed my blog my thanks would be eternal! P.S.I'm also a Catholic :)
May the Force, God and hope be with you.

alaw said...

To Miss Gwenea:
I did wish her happy birthday...a day too late though. :)

To Sophia:
Thanks for following! I will definitely check out your blog. I'm a Catholic, too. :)

And I'm glad you liked the blog, Miss Gwenea and Sophia!