Monday, June 6, 2011

survey results

Thank you to the people who participated in the survey! Here are the results that will affect what is posted in this blog:
1. What kind of things would you like to be posted in this blog to make it interesting for you?
Things not just about the movies but also about upcoming LOTR-related events, Stuff about the actors, Peter Jackson, as well as Tolkien himself, and his family.

How do you like the polls?
Polls are always great
How do you like the information in the posts?
Well enough, but could go into more detail, or broaden the horizons
How do you like the other features on the bottom (slideshow, videos, newsreel)?
the video reel is great, and I like the slideshow, a bit more on the newsreel would be nice

5. Would you like updates about my life posted also?
Why not?? It is a blog after all, It'd be great to see your opinions on news, but also whats going on with you. Yes definitely

6. Would you like updates on books I write posted?
1 Sure

Comment: Whoever made the comment about the newsreel...what do you exactly mean "a bit more"?

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