Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some Stuff from Yesterday

I felt really bad about not being able to watch LOTR in theatres until I went to this website. It has comments from people, who watched FOTR last night. Those comments really made me "see" the movie and the extra stuff (video from PJ and others). Now I don't feel too badly, but I still think it would be a great idea to ask a couple of friends over for three nights to watch the movies and stuff like that. :)

Here is the website below. It was really interesting for me to read:

Here is another (I think I've provided one before) episode of Hobbit in 5 (minutes). It has some old and new news:
And here is the next episode of Hobbit in 5:

There is some more LOTR cast news on this website (I love how that interviewer person on the Orlando Bloom Returning as Legolas says "Legolas" in her own unique way haha): 

Hobbit Cast News 

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Anonymous said...

Cool ;p I love LOTR Special features.