Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6 Main Post

Well, hello, everyone. I'll try to do these posts as much on a daily base as possible. They will usually come out in the late evening.

Interesting movie: This website is also a great place to look for information on LOTR and The Hobbit.

And for news about me: Well, I'm just finishing up the school year. Yesterday my family went out bike riding on the ravine (well, a path by it) near our house. The amazing thing about this: there was a guy riding a horse there, leading a pony and a donkey with him! My sister, mom, and I went to pat the pony, while my dad just watched from his bike. :)

On Saturday afternoon, we had our second and last practice for the finale for Danscott's year-end dance performance. The music is Little Dreamer by some Christina person. Before I moved to Open Ballet, I was in a class with this guy called Thomas. Ever since then, I see him twice a year at the finale practice.   He always seems to be near me in the group of 200 people. When I saw him again for the first time this year, I was amazed at how much he's grown. He looks so much older. I always look out for him...and I'm almost wondering if I have a crush on him. :) He's the kind of guy, who seems to be friends with everyone and likes to make people laugh. Earlier that morning, I was watching my little sister's ballet dance (Snow White) and he was there as the Witch's Mirror. Every time he looked at me, he smiled and I smiled back. In the afternoon, when he was making jokes, I laughed at his jokes and I was feeling kinda dumb, feelingn self-conscious. :) Do you think I have a crush on him?

Before I wrap up, I just thought I would give you links to parts of one of my favourite Elijah Wood interviews. (Yes, Elijah Wood is my favourite actor :).) Haha when the audience start applauding Elijah  I always scream in my head, "YES! ELIJAH!!!!!"
Part 1:
Part 2: 


Anonymous said...

yes, i think you have a crush on Thomas. :) he sounds really nice.

Alyianna said...

:D yah, I'm more into a different guy now that I know better, but I can never forget Thomas :)