Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 28th Post


 As you all have probably noticed, I have changed my daily news style due to poll answers.

The Return of the King is in theatres tonight!!!

Tom Heirbaut from Filmfestival Gent writes: Howard Shore will be one of the distinguished guests at the 11th World Sountrack Awards & Concert on October 22nd in Ghent. He will be performing, amongst other film music, a suite from The Lord Of The Rings. Other guests are Hans Zimmer, Elliot Goldenthal and Abel Korzeniowski. See Press Release below. Read more.

Liv Tyler wants to re-team with her Lord of the Rings castmates Sir Ian McKellen, Cate Blanchett, and Elijah Wood by joining the cast of the highly-anticipated prequel The Hobbit. The actress played Arwen in the first three films in the fantasy franchise, but she has so far been left out of the line-up for Peter Jackson’s new epic adventure. Tyler admits seeing the rest of the Lord Of The Rings cast get back together has made her long for a cameo role. She tells Britain’s Daily Express, “I’ve seen some of the other actors. I had such an amazing time making those films. I wish that I could be in it.”

John Noble (Denethor), Brad Dourif (Wormtongue) and Sala Baker (Sauron) will be attending Middle-Earth Madness. More.

A few pictures from Middle-Earth Madness below. More here. 


Want to win a massive, 15-disc Lord of the Rings box set to rule them all? Here.

A long Lord of the Rings Extended Editon Blu-ray review.

The Philosophy of Science of Lord of the Rings
Phil at Bad Astronomy opined (and it is a common opinion) that the supernatural is incoherent:

If you posit some thing that has no perceivable or measurable effect, then it may as well not exist. And as soon as you claim it does have an effect — it can be seen, heard, recorded, felt — then it must be in some way testable, and therefore subject to science.

Joshua was not so sure about this. The supernatural could, perhaps, interact observably with the universe at some times but not at others. Under normal circumstances the normal laws apply, under others, supernatural stuff happens. Chad weighed in on that... More.

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