Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20th Post

My news for today (I will try to do a blog post on Tolkien soon):

Original LOTR Extended Edition Trailers (I thought I had found all the extended edition parts on YouTube. I guess I haven't, and now I want to see the extended editions of FOTR and ROTK - I already own TT - so dreadfully!)
An Interview with Bofur
Signed, First-Edition ‘Hobbit’ on ‘Antiques Roadshow’ 
An Interview with Weta's Daniel Falconer 
Two New Actresses
Two Short movies about the two actresses 
Just who is Tauriel? I hope she will be this female elf, who does stuff like the male elves in LOTR...killing orcs, that kind of stuff. Maybe she will even show up at the Battle of the Five Armies!
Message Board's Weekly Round-up
TORn talks Jackson, new characters on 

Some oldish news I found:
LOTR West Coast Film/Concert Tickets on Sale NOW! 

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