Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13th Main Post


I wish I could go see LOTR  in theatres...I`ve always regretted being way too young at the time to do so.

Question for my followers: Would you like a song of the day from my favourite songs stash?
And if you could do me a favour...if you could invite your friends to my blog, that would be great. :)

I'm sorry that my blog posts are so boring...I promise I WILL try to get something more interesting in them soon.

Another question...I make little "camps" for my younger sister during the summer. She wants a medieval and a renaissance camp, but I'm not sure what activities she could do. Any ideas?

Video of the Day

This is my favourite Elijah Wood interview. So funny! I will post the second half if my followers would kindly make some kind of comment to this blog post so I don't feel so lonely. :D 


Anonymous said...

that video is sooo funny! XD even tho i'm not a LOTR fan i still like that video.

Alyianna said...

I know. :D I love Elijah sooo much.