Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12th Post

Hi...sorry it's been awhile. I've just been so busy with dance the last few days. The performances went well, except that for the finale dance (that almost everyone in the studio is in), my partner was gone so I looked a little funny. Fortunately (but unfortunately for my parents, who were in the audience), I ended up in the back where hardly anyone could see me.

Sorry...I don't have any news today, but here are some new links.

The Hobbit blog
The Hobbit on Facebook 
LOTR on Facebook
LOTR Fanatics Fan Website
The Tolkien Society
Tolkien Online 


Anonymous said...

Cool! Thanks :p Have you seen LOTR spoofs? I don't know the URL :( But it's pretty cool!

alaw said...

I've seen a few...but I just found another one. Is it this one?

My favourite is the Dr. Atkin's Diet one.