Sunday, June 26, 2011


Eight followers...EIGHT followers. Wow, this is awesome and I want to thank all you guys so much!

Sooooo...I'm going to do a giveaway. The person, who wins the most points will win a Lord of the Rings mini poster made especially by me.

To enter:
Reply to this blog post (or send me an email). Your comment will NOT be published. In your comment please give me:
-> your email address
-> your favourite LOTR character

1+ Point for each person you get to follow my blog - one point for each person for each blog (make sure to ask your friends to comment on one of my blogs, mentioning your name...otherwise you won't get a point for that person!)
1+ Point for each of my other two blogs that you follow already or begin to follow
3+ Point for designing a button for my blog and telling me how to post it on my blog and give the html for someone to grab my button and post it on their own blog

You have until July 10th to gather your points, so start NOW!

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